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Video Tutorials

Spam Burnt Ends

This was a fun video we made to help you get through quarantine. We partnered with Nick from the Tulsa Grill Store and well we made spam burnt ends.

Fire and Grain Podcast

An ongoing series of barbecue guys drinking and rambling...

Thanksgiving Episode

November 23, 2020

Recorded on election night 2020, the boys react in real-time to the disaster that's unfolding, talk about the upcoming Thanksgiving meal and favorite T-day memories. It's good to be back!

Sweatpants and Cheese Grits with Special Guest Regular Sean

September 24, 2020

The guys, joined by guest Regular Sean and a slew of half-empty whiskey bottles, answer tons of listener-submitted questions and touch on various topics:

• Why Prime?

• MSG - Makes Stuff Good?

• Sous Vide

• Firewood differences

• Are chilis/peppers a fad?


• Bologna vs Spam: the showdown

• Cast iron cooking

• Cheap smokers vs quality smokers

That's All Day (special guest Ryan Arnold with Cabin Boys Brewery

September 8, 2020

Topics Discussed: 


• The start of Cabin Boys Brewery

• Philosophy of bringing different beer styles to market

• Collaborations

• Branching out and trying new beers

• Importance of approachability in brewing

• The ever-changing craft beer scene